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Pilates Studio of Lake Bluff is a boutique studio committed to offering every client a superior level of Pilates Instruction. We believe Pilates can and should be for everyone, that is why we offer services for every budget and fitness level.  Our custom-tailored routines are just as unique as our clients and are designed to help them reach their goals. Our mission is to foster a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment, so our clients can focus on making meaningful mind-body connections with instructors who are truly focused on helping them to achieve results. 

As a boutique studio, we offer intimate class sizes and personal one-on-one training. We take great care in getting to know our prospects before they start their first session or class because we want to ensure that it is a success. For that reason, all of our services and classes are appointment based. We do not operate on a "monthly membership" or "drop-in basis", where we take on more clients than our facility can handle at any given time. When you commit to us, we commit to having the time, space, and resources available to you. Therefore you will always have a consistent and enjoyable experience at our studio, no matter the time of day or season. If you see a class you'd like to attend, please pre-register to reserve your equipment or time slot. 

Meet Your Trainer


Owner + 2nd Generation - Instructor

Jenny, studio owner and program director, discovered her passion for Pilates at a young age. She quickly saw the benefits it had to offer when it eliminated her chronic neck pain that was caused by an automobile accident and exacerbated by poor daily habits.

Classically trained and certified by her mentor, Romana Kryzanowska, Jenny's practice has evolved over the past 20 years to embody the importance of the fundamentals (taught by Joseph Pilates) with the advances in exercise science utilizing more contemporary teaching models. She feels this is the best way to experience the integrity of Pilates while progressively tackling the evolution of modern daily life.  

After teaching privately in Chicago and along the North Shore for eight years, she opened Pilates Studio of Lake Bluff (a boutique studio) in 2006. Her mission is to offer a more personalized approach to health and fitness in a community driven, supportive environment.  Jenny is passionate about helping clients discover their inner strength and potential when they learn to work mindfully. She believes that it is the "little things" one focuses on daily that have the biggest positive impact on our lives. 



Senior - Instructor

Six years ago, chronic lower back and shoulder pain brought Heather to Pilates. While working in corporate finance, she came to Pilates Studio of Lake Bluff as a client to help manage her pain.  She wanted to stay active but didn't know what she could do that wouldn't exacerbate her pain and she found that Pilates really worked. After suffering for almost as long as she could remember, her back and shoulder pain were gone. Through practice and training she learned how to start living a happier, healthier and more balanced life, has been driven to share her experience ever since. 

After 8 years in finance, Heather left to pursue a career as an instructor. Her certification practice encompassed both Classical (Pilates Center of Boulder) and Contemporary (Polestar) methods of teaching. Heather' s sessions focus on deep strengthening through healthy alignment and her functional routines are both creative as well as technical. Her gentle approach has a subtle sternness to it that is always preceded by her signature sense of humor. She is a genuinely caring instructor who wants to see her clients succeed in finding the balance she has created for herself.   



Senior - Instructor

Movement has always been a way of life for Carissa. She found Pilates while in studying in college in Las Vegas, NV after experiencing setbacks caused by multiple physical issues. It helped her regain her strength and finally push her body without feeling the old familiar joint pain she had grown accustomed to. Her transformation led her to become a fully certified, STOTT Pilates instructor under their teacher training course.

Two years later after giving birth to her son she remembers her first, long awaited Pilates session. She was surprised to find that she couldn't feel her muscles engage the way she had grown so accustomed to.  Not her abdominals, her stability, or her pelvic floor. She had to start from square one, again. Her new beginning has given Carissa empathy for new moms, and the tools to help them regain their pre-pregnancy strength functionality and has fueled her passion for an even more technical style of teaching 

Her experiences have helped shape her understanding and approach to help clients gain a deepened understanding of  "what they should be feeling, when to feel it, and why". The details of movement that set Pilates apart from any other modality of of exercise and how it enhances everything one does in life. Her goal as an instructor is to become a STOTT teacher trainer so she can impart the wisdom for functional movement she has gained through the tutelage of her mentors. 



Apprentice - Instructor  

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